BerkleeCECJazzBand_BayChamberIn conjunction with Berklee College of Music and Rockport’s Bay Chamber, Hearstudios hosts the CEC Jazz Group for some sessions recording their original compositions. Super-skilled musicians from Japan, Peru, Ireland, Africa and other far-away locales converged on the studio in a ten- piece jazz tour-de-force, recording some great arrangements in a variety of styles and idioms. Managed by Berklee composition, arranging and production luminaries George Russell and Mike Farquarson, and engineered by Jason Hearst, the combined effort created some perfectly executed and highly original jazz tunes. Click on the Hearstudios’ Facebook page to see some rough cell-phone vids of selected sessions. And big thanks to Berklee, Bay Chamber, et. al., for bringing the project to Hearstudios! We look forward to next summer’s events and future large jazz ensemble recording projects.