A carefully selected mint-condition vintage Ludwig drum set brings out the best of the HEARSTUDIOS live room. Using close and ambient micing applications, this kit becomes a sonic chameleon, ranging from a tight, clean funk texture to HUGE reflective wall of sound. With numerous DW snares and cymbal choices, various percussion instruments, electronic drums and other types of rhythm-generating electronics are on the instrument list too. A broad array of Latin percussion and various hand drums / toys are  in the house too. No groove or drum sound is unattainable at Hearstudios, regardless of the style, the tracking or the mixing techniques.

Download percussion list pdf



  • 1970 Ludwig Kit (SN / 769025)
  • Yamaha Power V Special Kit (early 1990s)
  • DW Collectors Series Maple Short Stack Kit
  • (18” kick, 12” Tom, 14” Floor Tom) -2004
  • DW Collector’s Series 5.5”x 14” Maple Snare
  • DW Edge 7” x 14” Olive Ash Snare
  • DW 6.5” x 14” Jimmy Chamberlin Signature Steel Snare
  • DW 5” x 12” Cocobolo Snare
  • DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal
  • DW 5000 Single Bass Pedal


  • Roland V-Drum V-Pro TD20 Kit
  • Yamaha Bass Kicker


  • (2) LP Congas m cohen Garfield nj
  • Remo Djembe (Fiber Skin 3)
  • Toca Djembe
  • LP Multi-Guiero
  • Shaker / Toca Percussion
  • (2) LP M Cohen Maracas
  • (8) Shaker eggs (various)
  • Cowbells
  • Tambourines
  • Sleigh bell pole
  • Authentic didgeridoo (Key of D)
  • Handbells (Various ranges and tunings)
  • Misc. unique percussion